Stargaze Inflatable Igloo Dome

  • $889.95

Spectacular view from this unique Inflatable Igloo. Great for outdoor use or camping. Will keep out mosquitoes and pests. Material is thick enough to sustain moderate weather conditions. Also, has a protective bottom. Can be used beach side, in the forest or even glamping at a festival. It is made of waterproof and has the advantages of fast forming, high resistance, fire retardant, anti-mold, resistant to UV rays and humidity. It deflates to a small size after folding which is easy to carry. 


  1. Lightweight, easy to carry, convenient to use 
  2. Reusable, easy to clean 
  3. Comfortable and safe design for easy ventilation, Inflation and deflation 
  4. Excellent resistance to cold, up to 40 degrees less


Package Includes:

Inflatable Dome, CE/UL Pump (air blower), Repair Kit, 1 Year Quality Warranty 


  • Material: 0.3mm PVC + 0.5mm PVC Tarpaulin
  • Power Supply: 100~220VAC / 50-60Hz  (different country, different power, let us know)


  • If the door is closed, then the blower does not need to run continuously. If the door will be opened frequently, then it is recommended that the blower run continuously or keep the door closed.  
  • It will take about 10 minutes to inflate.
  • Can be run from a generator. 

Let us know if you would like to add your own logo or design on the igloo and we can quote you.


Overall Dome Size Options:

1. 3mx3m (Diameter x Height) 

Overall Tunnel Size: 2mx2m (Length x width)


2. 4mx4m (Diameter x Height) 

Overall Tunnel Size: 3mx3m (Length x width)

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