Luminous 7 Color Fiber Optic LED Light Up Mask

  • $36.95


This 7 color luminous light mouth mask, you can choose your favorite color. Perfect for Halloween, Costume Parties, Masquerades, Rave Festival, Carnivals, etc. One size fits all. And it is safe, breathable and odor free.


The LED mask is more luminous light in the dark, while in the daytime or well-lit areas it is not very bright.

Washing: You can scrub with a wet towel. Do not put the mask in water.


a. Mask has 7 luminous light colors for you to choose(Dark blue, Light blue, Dark green, Light green, White,Purple ,Red) b. Adjustable mouth mask strap which fits all users  c. 3 D fit face design and easy breathable d. Stylish, modern, comfortable and Safety  e. Extremely lightweight  f. Durable and sturdy Uses: Party, Nightclub, Halloween, Costume Parties, Masquerades, Rave Festivals, Carnivals, Gifts, and so on.

Product display


You can press the round button on the top of battery box, when press 1st time the light turn on, press from 1st time to 7th time the light will change one color each time, when press 8th time the colors will automatically Loop all 7 colors , press 9th time the light turn off.

Equipment steps

a. You can see a small drawer on the side of battery box (see photo beside), and there is a button on the left of the drawer (see photo beside), pull the button toward right and at the same time pull out the drawer (see photo beside). b. In the drawer there are 2 pieces button cell battery (CR 2032), when it run out, then replace 2 pieces new button cell battery (CR 2032) and put them on the drawer correctly and push the drawer into the battery box. The battery must be (CR 2032).  Note: Can not take out entirely because there is a wire connection.

Packing list

1 X Mask 1 X Tote Bag 1 X Instruction Manual

Does not include battery

Temperature Range

The operation temperature range for fiber optical products is -10~50℃. At high temperatures the fiber optical fabrics might be melting and deforming, while the embrittlement, breakage and the optical attenuation could be serious at low temperatures.


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